Sarah Yang

Sarah Yang
We're honored for the first-ever Niagara Conference to have Sarah Yang, a powerful minister with a passion to bring God's presence to His people!

At the age of 15, a face to face encounter with God miraculously saved and transformed Sarah's life. Since then, she travels throughout the US and Asia sharing to thousands about the reality of God's love, freedom, and power.

Formerly, Sarah helped launch the Ark, a church and house of prayer that began at UC Berkeley with 40 days of continual worship, fasting, and prayer. Sarah also served with The Call and IHOP-KC's Onething Ministry.

She authored a book about her amazing supernatural experiences called The Exodus: From Slavery To Sonship. Sarah's message focuses on calling people forth into an authentic relationship with Jesus and walking in our true identities as sons and daughters of the God who is Love. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, drumming, screenwriting, and producing music. Sarah currently resides in Arcadia, CA. Be sure to check out her web site:

Pastor Sarah's Sermons: