What is Niagara about?

The Niagara Conference is about gathering together passionate worshippers and birthing the kingdom of heaven onto the earth through strategic prayer, Spirit-filled worship, Christ-exalting preaching, and seminars designed to empower the body of Christ. Niagara is more than just an event but a movement - a movement of spreading the values and culture of the kingdom of God through outpourings of the Spirit and fire, with a strong emphasis on preaching and teaching.

Why is it called Niagara?

People travel from all over the world to gaze upon the wonder and beauty of the Niagara Falls at the border of NY/Canada. Our vision is to see an outpouring so grand that people from all over Asia and the world will travel to Korea to gaze and experience the wonder, power and beauty of the Lord our God!

Who is hosting the conference?

The conference is hosted by New Philadelphia Church, an english-speaking church in Korea. We are a congregation that loves and celebrates the anointing of the Spirit, is going after the heart of the Father, and seeks to spread the fame of Jesus. Our church has been experiencing so many blessings and outpourings that it has been overflowing. Thus we are gladly mobilizing our leaders, fundraising, flying in speakers, and sowing in prayer to serve the body of Christ in this way. We believe that as we seek to be a blessing, we ourselves will in turn be blessed! We are proud to be in Seoul, one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world.

What is the theme of this year's conference?

The theme for 2010 is "Outpouring" and it's from Joel 2:28-29. The Bible says that in the last days God is going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and that His sons and daughters will prophesy. We are contending for an incredible outpouring at the Niagara Conference so God's people can be empowered to advance the kingdom of God as a victorious army!

Who can attend the conference?

Our invitation goes out to everyone from the english-speaking community in Korea. We are also extending the invitation to pastors, church leaders, entertainers, government officials, missionaries, or businessmen from Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, or anyone in Asia (or willing to travel to Asia) who want to get refreshed and drenched in the Niagara of God's blessing!

What will each day be like?

There will be anointed praise, a variety of seminar speakers, dynamic preachers, testimonies, creative performances, and powerful prayer times, enough to satisfy both the thinker and feeler. If you long for the church to walk in greater anointing and authority, we are saying "right on"!

How often will you have this conference?

We don't have a plan as of now whether this conference will be annual or once every few years. We are simply obeying the Lord on 2010 and inquiring of Him for the future.

How come the conference is so expensive?

We've done our best to cut down the registration fee of the conference but because we are renting a venue right in the middle of the city, costs can run higher than a venue in the suburbs. In fact, the registration fee doesn't pay for all the costs of having the conference. New Philadelphia Church is raising quite a considerable amount of money to help pay for the entire operating costs.

How can I donate money toward the conference and how will it be used?

If the Lord moves upon your heart to give, you can send funds to:
Woori Bank
Account: 1002-142-143386
All funds will be used to pay for the costs of the conference (not covered by the registration fees) and also to provide scholarships for missionaries, seminary students, and pastors.