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Benjamin Robinson!
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Thank You So Much for Coming

New Philadelphia Church wants to thank everyone who participated in the Niagara Conference! It was an amazing, joyful, and wonderful four days together! We hope everyone was powerfully blessed! We want to thank the guest speakers Sarah Yang and Benjamin Robinson for preaching and prophesying with passion. We were so stirred up and inspired by your messages! We love you guys!

For those of you who could not join us for the conference, mp3's of the sermons and seminars are available in the "Media" section for free (seminars will be ready by July 27). A recap video will be published on Wed, July 28 and a longer video about the conference will be released in August.

Just as the guest speakers preached, the outpouring has just begun with the Niagara Conference! God is going to continue to pour and flood this nation with His power, dominion, and grace!

(Pictures courtesy of Allen Nettrour and Jen Kim)

Setting up the stage!

The Niagara Conference banner!

The Seminar Team hard at work!

Event Staff!!

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Setting up the bookstore to equip the saints!

About to start the worship session.

People lined up to enter the first worship on Wed, July 21.

Intercessors taking their place on the balcony level and praying throughout each worship.

The Praise Team leading us into an anointed time of worship!

Pastor Jon Neufeld leading the way in worship.

People praising the Lord with all their hearts on Friday evening.

Pastor John-Michael leading a prayer time on Thursday evening.

The Niagara Conference pulpit.

YEKKI performed a creative, Korean cultural presentation on opening night.

Menya and the J-Soul Crew performing a hip hop dance performance on Thursday evening.

Sarah Yang leading everyone in a prophetic act of crossing the Jordan River from slavery to sonship.

Pastor Benjamin and Christian ministering side by side at an altar call.

Pastor Benjamin prophesying during the opening service.

People coming forward for prayer during the Friday morning worship.

People praying from their seats for people at the altar.